Spencer and Caleb | 5x09, March Of Crimes Stills

[Caleb]’s just openly questioning life as a whole. I think that he doesn’t trust the world anymore and when that happens, you really start going down a dark path. He’s a little reluctant because it sounds crazy, people won’t really get it. He shuts off and I think that’s actually part of the reason why he isolates himself so much — he feels like he’s crazy and he’s in it alone.
Toby kinda steps in [and] even Spencer. They start to see what he’s dealing with and its not pretty so he has a little bit of a support system but it also pushes them away a lot.
She’s the one who’s dealt with her own demons and her own self medication, and Toby’s just sort of a pretty level-headed guy, pretty calm…plus, Caleb and Toby have a little bit of a bromance.
   - Tyler Blackburn


She’s still wearing a wig!!! 😩😩😩😩😒